Architectural Photography Of A Private Residence in the Hills of Los Feliz

I was recently commissioned to shoot this incredible new construction in Los Feliz, CA. This shoot presented it's own series of unique challenges, however the setting allowed for some incredibly dynamic photographs. The first challenge was dealing with the extreme brightness range of the scene - that's bright, midday sun streaming in against a white interior with a dark wood deck outside. Pretty tough to keep it all in check. The following were shot with a set of Pul C. Buff Einsteins.



One of my favorite shots from the day was a result of the sun setting directly in front of the sliding glass doors which opened to an expansive view over the hills. The sun aligned perfectly with the back of the home and filled the entire place with a surreal, golden light. Definitely one of the most intriguing shots I've taken, and the best part is that it was nothing but 100% natural light. You don't always need a truckload of gear to pull off a shot, though getting lucky like this certainly makes it easier.

 Lastly, a couple twilight images - we know how much I love these.