Photographing The Historically Significant Director's Guild of America / ASCAP

I was recently contacted by Fleetwood/Fernandez, a Santa-Monica based architect, to shoot a new project that they had completed. While the shoot would consist of only interior photographs, the shoot was significant in that it's a remodel of  the Director's Guild of America building and the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Producers) offices. Way cool! For those not aware, the ASCAP is the group responsible for the Grammy awards and for distributing and marketing thousands of popular musicians around the world. There was a significant amount of memorabilia (including Grammy awards) scattered throughout the building and no shortage of instruments used by chart-topping artists hanging on the wall.


While the shoot itself was relatively straightforward, I was testing out the new PowerMC2 made by PocketWizard. I recently purchased a few Paul C Buff Einstein lights and was excited to see how they would compare to my all-speedlight setup, which has been my workhorse for a number of years now. I'm glad to say I had no problems and the best part was that there was no shortage of power, something that the speedlights struggled with when lighting large spaces.

All of the spaces were staged by myself and the architects, and I think we did a great job. I've included a few photos here, and there's a new before-and-after shot featured in the gallery so you can see the staging and retouching work that went into this shoot.