Go Do

My Holga (which gave up it's ghost not too long ago), digital pinhole (hole drilled in lens cap), expired 35mm film, a 5d and a 1d Mark III. Quite the combination, spanning everything from medium format to a camera-shaped computer. And then I put some old dirty viewfinders over some of them, I don't really know why, I liked it at the time but maybe I don't like it anymore. Eleven exposures in all. I'm still not sure.

I don't know how I go from shooting interiors to this stuff, it's like a photographic schizophrenia. Being wary of not falling into a generalist trap. Two things at once isnt bad, right? Been there, not pleasant. But I need to keep the artsy side fresh, since I don't have anything with me except some cameras. And since photoshopping is just not nearly as fun as making a mess, staining carpets with oil paint, making loud noises with obnoxious saws and hammers, and irritating people around you as you make some art, it's only a temporary stand in until I find a place I can do that again.

Or someone who wants to let me do that...any takers?