In a galaxy not so far away...

I came home from dinner last night at about 11:00, ready to pass out from exhaustion and reeling from the effects of two beers (har har). I parked my car and looked up through sleepy eyelids, and this had to be done. Made a ruckus, grabbed the camera, fisheye, tripod and remote, and set off into the darkest night ever. My favorite part of this was that it was all visible to the naked eye. I took three shots, and came home with this:



No bears, or bear tracks, or anything, for that matter. It was lingering in thte back of my head the entire time. But I'm still here. Walked back in silence, and attempted to go to sleep. It didn't work, for whatever reason, even after my wonderful rotisserie chicken of a four hour sleep the previous night.

Eh, worth it though.