Another busy week

Been busy all week, though I don't mind it. Today's the first day off in some time, so I figured I'd pause to update the site a little bit. The first shot is from a home in Truckee. I had to flex the photoshop muscles on this one. It was tricky, trying to find a central spot but still leave enough detail in the walls behind me to make sure that I could clone and mask appropriately to hide the camera and tripod. Once again, this is me trying to get people to think "what the..." with everything I do. Lots of the same pictures out there, but since I just told you all of my secrets, I guess the cat is out of the bag. Or maybe this was a trend a year, or a few years ago, and I'm just not even close to being original. Do what you like, I say.

Refrigerator detail -

Second house here is from another home in rural Truckee. This was one of my favorites. A nice, full house with plenty of details and beautiful design to soak in. Right on a golf course too, if that's your thing. Complete with game rooms, multiple fireplaces, and the all-important wine room/cellar.

Lastly is a neat little condo right in the village at Northstar-at-Tahoe, which is without a doubt a great location for a condo of this size. Nice and cozy, and right in the middle of everything.