Things I love

Let's start with this first picture. The kitchen is downright gorgeous and that spacious living room with the big 'ol fireplace just radiates awesome. The kitchen here had some awesome geometry and flow to it, as well as some very neat appliances and fixtures. Well lit, lots of natural light and good colors. This might have been my favorite downstairs area that I've shot yet. It was tricky however - I was looking to use flashes but the ceiling was a light yellow color, and the sunlight and overhead incandescants were already wreaking havoc on my white balance. I'm happy with the way it turned out however.


Next up is a sort-of non-traditional (whew hyphens!) real estate shot. I'm sure it will divide people; however in this detail shot I think that the out-of-focus reflections add a touch of warmth and familiarity. Not so sterile, as most real estate photography is, but almost believable and approachable. And let's not forget the simple fact that it's a wine/liquor closet. Who's going to be looking in the thing at 11pm with perfect vision anyway?

(...Hey, if this photography thing kicks the bucket, there's always stand up...)