Love thyself

Look closely.

Shot this home in Truckee. I love June, and the weather and all, but man it would be nice if it got darker a little bit earlier. Makes getting those light-just-right Architectural Digest shots 10 times easier.

I also think it's about time for me to upgrade my little speedlights into something a bit more robust. They're nice for traveling light and doing impromptu people shots, but they just don't cut it for lighting these big interior spaces at f8-f14 and ISO 100. Don't want to break the bank but I hear iffy things about Alien Bees having a slight colorcast - anyone have any ideas on that one?

Had to shoot some exteriors yesterday. Once again daylight got the better of these.

I really wanted to post up a shot from the golf course and make a Caddyshack reference, but my knife-edged wit seems to be getting a little dull lately. Uh oh. Keep an eye open for an actual real estate section on the site coming soon. I think it's about the time where I have 12-16 portfolio-quality images, so that should be good. To finally be able to show people something and not just rely on word of mouth, while it is wonderful and has done tons for me, I need to crank it up a bit!