Culver City

Shooting Architecture in Culver City: An Architectural Photographer's Playground

Culver City, CA, is a veritable goldmine of stunning architecture. Below are the offices of Media Temple, a web hosting and domain service. A very unique building that was a lot of fun to shoot! I channeled my inner Edward Hopper in an effort to create some interesting architecture images, and I'm especially fond of the image that includes the woman running with her dog. If you ever have an afternoon to kill in Los Angeles and you're interested in architecture, I'd definitely recommend parking your car over here (it's all free!) and taking a self-guided walking tour of the architecture in this area of Culver City, located near Jefferson Blvd near Baldwin Hills.

Architectural Photography Of A Modern Office Space in Culver City, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Natalie Younger, another Los Angeles-based interior designer, to shoot her remodel of Muse, an advertising agency based in Culver City, CA. Located in a brick building constructed decades ago, this was a really fun project to work on, as the decor is something I don't often get to work with. I was able to take great creative liberty in the lighting and staging of the space, and Natalie was a ton of fun to work with. My favorite part of this shoot? Getting to take a break in those enormous bean bag chairs.