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I recently had the pleasure of being invited to share my work at, a website that specializes in providing interior designers, architecture professionals, and hospitality professionals with high-end fine art photography for use in their projects. I'm very excited about this develoment - it will be fantastic to have my fine art work used by architects and designers. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be shooting a place with my artwork on the wall! You can check it out by clicking here. While PurePhoto specializes in selling to the aformentioned clients, it's also easy to purchase any print on the website on a one-off basis, if you feel so compelled (wink!). In addition to some of my architecture work in Iceland, there are a number of my ambient and aviation-based images available to view.







Architectural Photography In Iceland: Michael Kelley Featured On, which is one of the world's leading photographic resources, recently featured a piece on my 'Living: Island Style' project, in which I set out to photograph the architecure of Iceland during a three-week whirlwind trip around the country. The article discusses my motivation, how I pulled it all off, and how it might inspire other photographers to undertake a personal project of their own to further their career and kickstart their creative growth. I'm really happy with the way David Hobby, the author, wrote the piece, and I have received numerous emails thanking me for inspiring them with my trip. When I left Los Angeles, nobody really had any idea what I was talking about when I told them I was going to photograph architecture on a remote island in the North Atlantic. "You're going where? To do what? Why?" was the most common response. Check out the article, I'd love to know what you think, and I hope you are inspired to take on a project of your own after reading it. If you ended up here from Strobist, thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the work on my site.

Keep an eye out for the finished 'Living: Island Style' project, which is slated to be finished by the end of the year.

To read the article on Strobist, click here.

Architectural Photography In Iceland: Living, Island Style

I recently took a trip to Iceland to work on a story about the interaction between the architecture and the environment in Iceland. Over the course of nearly three weeks I traveled around the entire country, shooting day and night, and sleeping when appropriate. After amassing nearly 200gb worth of material, I've begun to go through and edit the images that I'll be using in the story. You can check out a sneak peek of some of the images below. I'll be sure to post some updates periodically, but I expect that the entire piece will be finished towards the end of the year. I had a ton of fun and I'm really looking forward to publishing the photos and articles! I hope you enjoy what you see so far.