Behind the scenes on an architectural photoshoot

I recently enlisted the help of my friend and local videographer, Peter Donaghy, to create a behind-the-scenes video of an architectural/advertising photo shoot at the Arclight Theatre in downtown Hollywood. It goes into a bit of detail about my method, including the on-location work, a look into what the camera is capturing, and a view of all the post-processing that is done to create an image of mine. We spent a ton of time on it and I hope that it gives you some insight into my process.





Updated blog, and a few new behind the scenes videos

After a few months of much re-organizing and shuffling, the blog is back. I hope you can forgive me for the downtime and removal of the old blog, but it needed a refresher with regards to content and style. So without further adieu!

Our first post brings us a few video updates. You may have noticed these in the 'about' section of the site, but if not, I've recently made a couple of 'behind the scenes' movies. The first one, by Peter Donaghy, is a quick look at how I work on location.

And secondly, though a little older, is a behind the scenes video of my capture and post processing. This video was featured on, one of the most popular photography resources in the world, and garnered nearly 40,000 views from that one site in a month alone. Check out the strobist article here, and the video below: