LA AIRSPACE Kickstarter: Halfway done, 86% funded!

I have neglected the blog on this site for the past month, which is rather unfortunate, considering all that has been going on! I recently decided that the time was right to wrap up and publish my work featuring the city of Los Angeles as photographed from a helicopter. The project is named LA AIRSPACE and as the title mentions, we are 86% funded on Kickstarter as of today! We've got half of the campaign left and I'm so excited with the progress we've made so far.

The book has been two years in the making, and has had me in the air covering Los Angeles in all four seasons. The book is being designed, printed, and put together right here in Los Angeles. Everything involved with the creation of the book, right down to the helicopters that we flew in, is locally tied to the city of LA. 

I'm so proud of the work we've done on the campaign - and so happy to have such great support from not only LA but all over the world.  It is so exciting to finally see this come to life, and to be lucky enough to have so many people willing to collaborate with me and back the project - just amazing!

To check out the Kickstarter campaign itself, click here. I've also been blogging about the process every week on Fstoppers. Those two posts (more to come) can be found here and here.