Wine Country Pre-Fab with BluHomes in Healdsburg

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately! I haven't been in Los Angeles much at all, with trips to San Francisco, NYC, Dubai, Mexico and somewhere else that I forget, it's just been an absolutely manic yet totally exciting winter for me.  At the end of 2014 I was worried that there would just be no way for me to top the amazing year that I've had, but damn if I'm not off to a great start this year. 

I'm getting back on the train to write about a really amazing shoot I did up in Healdsburg, about 2 hours north of San Francisco, for BluHomes. Set amongst gently rolling hills and the calming rows of vineyards, shooting this place was like a little preview of heaven. Tranquil and idyllic are the words that come to mind. In many cases, I get clients praying for perfect weather, but the soft fog clinging to the ground made for some incredible ethereal moods and provided an amazing soft light over the two days we shot the home.

For most of these images, lighting was relatively simple, with only one or two lights working their magic. One of my favorite parts of this shoot was just how amazingly quiet everything was - you could hear the shutter click from a good 200 feet away at twilight. Things just seemed to echo and hang around with the mist. 

After two days of shooting, it was a quick wrap-up and back to LA - and from there, a quick turnaround to give a talk on CreativeLive's PhotoshopWeek in Seattle - seen here (link to the talks here)

And less than a week later, off on a nice long-haul to London and Dubai, whose pictures will be posted up shortly as I get through the edits.