Ventura County From Above: On assignment with 805 Living

A few months ago I was invited by 805 living to shoot a huge feature for their 10th anniversary issue. Having seen my aerial work of the city of Los Angeles, knowing that Ventura County was just a quick hop north, they asked if I would be willing to give their county the same treatment that I've given Los Angeles with my aerial series. 

You can imagine that I just about jumped off my seat with a resounding "yes!" when that question came up. 

Flying from Camarillo Airport, we'd be flying over nearly all of 805 county - from Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks all the way up to Santa Inez and San Luis Obispo. Working with the guys from Orbic Helicopters (Ken, who has over 17,000 hours of experience...unbelievable) we burned through over 5 hours worth of flight time and came home with some awesome images. While only a small selection made the final cut, I love the edit and think it sums up this corner of California beautifully. I'm very, very excited and humbled that they were able to give me such free reign with the assignment and let me take up so much magazine real estate! For those counting, that's twelve full-page images and the table of contents. Truly awesome to see this in print! It's tough enough to even get a single page, so this picture-heavy story was just fantastic.

They also let me do the writing on this one, so I can tick off the 'write an article for a major publication' box off my bucket list! Two birds, one stone here. A nice way to go.

805 Living was also the first magazine to publish my series of photos on the Malibu BluHome, which led to BluHomes picking up the images for their national advertising (you can see one of the images in the bonus shot I uploaded of the BluHomes ad - first inside page! spread! again!). I owe the 805 Living guys some drinks for that one too. Great to have a magazine show such faith in your work.

To see the full issue and read all of the text, head on over to their digital edition by clicking here.