1,014 seconds of moon

I was tipped off that there was a good moon over the lake last night. Grabbed the camera and tripod, and went around to a few locations trying to get some good shots (our moon, by the way, is just out of the frame, camera left, illuminating everything in the scene). What was supposed to be a ten minute trip to the lake turned into about a two hour trip once I just started sitting there, clicking away. Each exposure was about 15 minutes or so, and after the second or third one, it went from a pretty night to an "okay, I'm cold...just one more" type of night. But I will say that the introvert in me enjoyed the absolute emptiness for a couple of hours. I didn't see a soul all night, and it was eerily quiet. Good to clear the head.

1,014 seconds, f7.1, ISO 400. Try it some day!