A shot from my time in Hollywood/Santa Monica

Here's one that I snapped while down in Los Angeles. Really quite a bit different than Tahoe in every way. The traffic is unbelievable, and I've never seen such a huge amount of people/cars/buildings/roads/everything. Really quite overwhelming coming from my town of one-thousand and change, where you can see the milky way at night without even trying and I complain about sitting behind one car on my 30 second drive to the grocery store.

This kid was not too thrilled with the ocean about to swipe him away. It made the Atlantic look like a goldfish pond. I almost got taken out a few times, myself, which would not have been good. Mighty strong, the Pacific is. This is at 4/10ths of a second hand-held, with god knows how many filters stacked to block enough light to let me shoot at f/8 iso 200 in broad California sun.