LA Airspace

LA Airspace was a project spanning 2013-2015 in which I documented the city of Los Angeles from a helicopter. Over the course of 30 flights the project canvassed the massive sprawl of the city; from San Pedro to as far north as Santa Clarita and Mt Baldy.  Every flight occurred during sunset hours, which created a glamorized portrait of the city basking in long shadows.

While it is easy to describe as beautiful, Los Angeles has a tendency to be lost in translation when viewed from the ground. Newcomers are overwhelmed with the sheer size of the sprawl and complexity of the infrastructure. Yet as soon as you take to the skies, the jumbled mass of tangled streets, freeways, construction, nature and noise begins to take on a new life. There is an inherent beauty to it all when viewed from above, an ethereal, grand, graphical, and at times even humorous beauty. 

The project was condensed into a self-published book which was funded on Kickstarter. You can view the original Kickstarter campaign here, and select prints from the project have been made available in the shop.