Recent press for Michael Kelley Photography

Recent press for Michael Kelley Photography

It’s been a crazy few months with lots of great new opportunities, so I figured I would round up a few of my favorite bits of press and throw them up on the blog. Very exciting to see my work getting out there and around, and in some notable publications too. Many thanks to the teams at 805 Living, BluHomes, PurePhoto and all of these magazines for being so great to work with and letting me play around with some of the art direction.

I’m quite a bit humbled and also a bit ecstatic to see my name in some of these bigger publications…always a trip to see your work while waiting in line at the checkstand at nearly every store you go to!

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  • joshpabstphoto

    Sorry if my 3 comments in 10 minutes are annoying, but I’m so intrigued with all of this. I want to know how you got into these magazines – is it because your client got work published and then you get photo credits – or do you yourself actively pursue the magazines and publications?

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