Now In Stock at HD Buttercup! Now In Stock at HD Buttercup!

Some of my fine art prints have been made available at HD Buttercup, a showroom for all things interior design, located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. For those who don’t know, I also partake in quite a bit of attempted fine art photography forays, some of which can be seen here. It’s been awhile in the making but I’ve finally been picked up by a big store like this and I’m so excited to see where it goes.

So, fingers crossed here, that this awesome piece mounted with plexi and an amazing frame makes a few sales soon. It’s great to see something that I’m passionate about finally start making a bit of money for me. Seems like all those one-off trips to the end of the runway at LAX are starting to pay off.


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  • James

    How on earth did you get that Hollywood sign photo? Such a great shot.

    Anytime I've ever been up to Mt.Lee there's always cops or park rangers hanging around waiting to nab you if you even look like you're going to get anywhere near the sign.

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