Remodeled Ranch: Luxury Real Estate in Montecito, CA

Remodeled Ranch: Luxury Real Estate in Montecito, CA

I recently shot this beautiful ranch home in Montecito, CA. Situated on 80 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the property boasted avacado and lemons groves with over 20,000 plants. The view from the top over the fields was breathtaking, as was the recently remodeled interior. I spent an entire day there and wish I could have stayed longer, as it was an incredibly inviting home and the isolation and quiet, only about an hour from LA, was really lovely.

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  • custom artwork

    Wow, what a great photography, you have great collection of wide photographs, these all the pictures are looking so beautiful, plants field photograph has amazing look. I want to say thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

  • Peter

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