Behind the scenes on an architectural photoshoot

Behind the scenes on an architectural photoshoot

I recently enlisted the help of my friend and local videographer, Peter Donaghy, to create a behind-the-scenes video of an architectural/advertising photo shoot at the Arclight Theatre in downtown Hollywood. It goes into a bit of detail about my method, including the on-location work, a look into what the camera is capturing, and a view of all the post-processing that is done to create an image of mine. We spent a ton of time on it and I hope that it gives you some insight into my process.





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  • Joel Guindon

    I am very impressed with mike's style of photography. Personally, and this is strictly personal since I am not a professional photographer, I believe that Mike's technique brings architectural and real estate photography to the next level.

    Yes there are others that have been using this technique before Mike but I applaud Mike since he has "The brass B's" to actually do a video about it and post for the world to know…knowing himself that this could lead to others exploiting his technique.

    Great work Mike and thank you for putting the video out there. I'm lucky and happy to have discovered your work.


  • Mark

    Awesome technique! Great to see such an amazing use of tools. Not having to spend thousands of dollars to end up with a great image is something often times people miss.

    Weird question, I love the stickers you have on your laptop and light stands. Where did you have those made?

  • Gene Darrah

    The video is dead on this post, would love to see it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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